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1. Expectations (lyrics)
2. The Fall (lyrics)
3. Painful Hours, Pt. 1 - War Of Roses (lyrics)
4. Painful Hours, Pt. 2 - Hell On Earth (lyrics)
5. Painful Hours, Pt. 3 - All Lights Are Off (lyrics)
6. Mountain Of Lost Souls (lyrics)
7. Magic Poison (lyrics)
8. When Black Roses Bloom (lyrics)
9. Journey In My Skull (lyrics)
10. Elaine (lyrics)

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Blaze Barrett: vocals, guitars, bass
Gábor Pivarcsi: keyboards, loops and sequences
Matthew Hekker: drums

Olivér Bán: guitar solo on track 2 (1st solo), 3, 10
Dániel Szabó: guitar solo on track 1, 2 (2nd solo)
Zsófia Sváb: backing vocals
Krisztián Kurucz: cello on track 9

All music by Blaze Barrett and Márton Berhidi (track 5, 9)
Arrangement by Blaze Barrett and Gábor Pivarcsi
All lyrics by István Bán

Mixing and mastering by András Deák
Cover Picture by Csaba Martinák and András Deák

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